We won the Competition for Shantou Station and Surrounding Area

          In 2020, at the second meeting of the competition committee, their members voted unanimously and pass OBERMEYER as the deepening design work of this project. The establishment of the Shantou Station Passenger Terminal and Surrounding Area will become a new engine for Shantou to lead the integrated development of Chaoshan City, which is of great strategic significance for Shantou’s “eastward development”.

          The portal of the famous hometown of overseas Chinese?

          As an important birthplace of Chaoshan culture, Shantou is an important port on the southeast coast of China, an important gateway to the Maritime Silk Road, and a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China. So OBERMEYER intends to create a recyclable economy cluster there, by focusing on the development of transportation, culture, and service industries, taking an advantage of local cultural features and eco-tourism resources, and integrating modern information technology. In that way, we are planning to create an industrial pattern that is diverse and complex.

          The regional planning structure is "powered by two cores, driven by three axes and one belt; compounded by multiple cores, and interwoven with blue and green".

          The overall urban design scheme was finally formed after carefully defining the land use of the area, evaluating the existing buildings, analyzing and integrating the approved regulatory detailed planning.?

          The traffic grid is of a great number of dimensions, five in horizontal and seven in vertical, so that the "fast in and out" of vehicles can be realized. In addition, the railways, integrating with the bus traffic system, and ship system, constitute a perfect public transportation system.

          Sustainable development outlook

          In order to achieve the goal of restoring ecosystem vitality, natural resilience, and landscape vitality, OBERMEYER proposed several?solutions, which include?combine the blue-green network and enable large sponges to enhance the city's resistance to waterlogging, etc.

          OBERMEYER has planned this area with an international vision. Under the guidance of a multi-dimensional planning strategy, we reintegrate the city separated by railways and make it?appealing again?to the public.

          "Fast" and "slow" in a compacted hub

          Shantou Station Passenger Terminal and Surrounding Area have a complete set of functions around it, gathering urban infrastructures such as commerce, culture, housing, and services. And it is? also surrounded by landmark buildings such as Gateway Plaza, Overseas Chinese Cultural Center, Shantou Innovation Center. So potentially, it could?turn into a modern-city-level passenger terminal in the end. With a global outlook, OBERMEYER hopes to link the entire area into an urban community, so we introduce a platform that has?three-dimension and makes?slow-walking possible.

          A fast approach ramp will be built based on the grid-shaped city major roads to achieve a highly efficient independent transportation system on the east and west side of the station. while on the east side, the design takes advantage of the space under the slow-traffic platform, creating a multi-dimensional transportation system on-, above-, and under-ground.