The planning idea of the historical Forbidden City will be used in this concept. However, the rectangular moat surrounding the Forbidden City will be replaced by rectangular waters for the Olympic greens. These sport facilities for the Olympic Games in a beautiful landscape of waters, island and forest make Beijing more attractive. The planning emphasis will be placed on a complete ecological development. In spite of the lack of resources a complicated water system will provide necessary clean waters and help renew the groundwater. In the northern forest zone the water landscape will change from wide waters to water areas with vegetation and swamp. All these factors have created a comfortable small climate – in summer the air above the forest drain water will cool down obviously, which reduce the operation consumption of the Olympic park. In addition, the solar and wind energy as well as a heat exchanger using geothermal energy will be applied for heating and cooling system.

          The functionality of the Olympic Park is the main planning and design goal. With a short distance between the gymnasium and the sports field the traffic system is optimized. After the Olympic Games of 2008 it can still serve as a modern sports, cultural and entertainment centre as well as a sightseeing spot for the travelers all over the world.

          Location: Beijing, China
          Assignment type: Competition
          Design Phases: Conceptual Planning
          Type of project: City Parks, Landscape Planning
          Project duration: 2002
          Area: 1800000 m2