Beautifully situated in the landscape between the channel and the 4th ring and thus also having good traffic connections, a high-quality residential area was built close to the CBD of Beijing. 800 residential units were built in city houses with 4 to 5 stories as well as high-rise buildings up to a height of 100 m with clubs, hotels, shopping and recreational facilities.

          The way the buildings are arranged makes the quarter to a part of the city with an own identity, offering a variety of spaces and places to go to. Public and private green spaces in combination with water courses and water surfaces lend an ecological, urban character to the new quarter. The ground plans of the residential units range between 125 and 450 m2 and feature Chinese and European elements. An expressive coloring, penthouse apartments, curved roofs and a plaza shaped like a ring connecting all the different elements.

          Location: Beijing, China
          Assignment type: Commission
          Design Phases: Schematic Design
          Type of project: Residential Buildings
          Project duration: 2001 - 2005
          GFA: 143000 m2