The ensemble of office towers lies at the central axis in the CBD of Beijing. Two double-tower high-rise buildings with a height of 100 m face each other in a staggered arrangement and are built on one mutual base laid out for commercial purpose.

          Each of the two double-towers consists of two square ground plans being aligned in a staggered position. A very plastic ensemble of building thus evolves, with the concept of light and shade in the linear, massive punctuated fa?ade in contrast to the curved light metal/glazed fa?ade forming the basic design elements. The base stories, the different fa?ade and the cover at the top are the distinctive features of the building.

          Location: Beijing, China
          Assignment type: Commission
          Design Phases: Schematic Design
          Type of project: Office Buildings, Commercial Buildings
          Project duration: 2003
          GFA: 136455 m2