Changbaishan Railway Station Area Birdview
          Changbaishan Railway Station Area Axia
          Changbaishan Railway Station Area Birdview
          Changbaishan Railway Station Area Masterplan

          The project is located at the northeast of Chibei area, which is the service base of Changbaishan North Gate. The design area is 3.8 The design concept is an extension of the existing?urban cluster structure?to a?ring-layer functional layout. It combines the surrounding clusters of?tourism, creative industries, public service, low-carbon residence, etc. to form an?integrated?city network; central transportation ring?is improved to?enhance the accessibility of the station from all directions;?green centripetal cluster and ecological aggregation?are reinforced.

          The exisiting woodland are retained to the greatest extent. Three main axes extend to the railway new area and connect the main city nodes. Boulevard is designed at the main road from the railway station to the scenic area in the old town. The existing railway tracks are partially retained and transformed to linear park, which reflects the historical heritage and reinforce north-south slow traffic connection.

          Location: Changbaishan, China
          Assignment type: Competition
          Design Phases: Conceptual Design
          Type of project: TOD
          Project duration: 2016
          Program: Transportation, Railway Station, Landscape, Traffic
          Area: 3800000 m2