Malanshan Vision Park is the only?remaining undeveloped land in the?city and is also regarded as the?engine of Changsha's?future?economic development. New media is?one of the leading industries that?Changsha and Hunan Province?especially cultivated. Thanks to the?
          predominant position of Hunan TV,?innovative content of culture,?communication technology, tourism?and video technology will be gathered?in the industrial park and develop into?a world-class media bay.

          We deeply studied the land use?features. Our design corresponds to?the surrounding environment. The?axis of the city is closely linked with?the city rail transit station area of?cultural industry fathering. In the?beautiful landscape of the riverside is?a media and technology related?industrial area. The planning structure?of the three districts with one axis is?formed with continuous?implementation, which provides a?good development framework for?urban design.?

          In the design, the riverside skyline, the urban?street interface and the city axis are?emphasized. The central axis and the park?are integrated with public buildings and public?spaces to realize the unified coordination of?public space and the large active site of the?city. The undulating and graceful riverside?skyline identifies the city interface. The?landmark media center building and the?sightseeing tower are the best places to look?at the surrounding scenery.

          Location: Changsha, China
          Assignment type: Competition
          Type of project: Core Area
          Project duration: 2017
          Area: 15200000 m2