The Northern New Town of?Changzhou is about 73 km2. The?project area located in the center?of Northern New Town and covers?of 1.6 km2 area. The high-speed?railway runs through the middle?of the site. In order to keep the?visual relationship between the?high-speed railway station and the?surrounding area, a south-north?landscape axis is planned, with the?design element of water. Except?the functional connection to the city?development axis, the planning of the?site also considered the requirementof transfer between the different?
          transports, like High-speed railway,?metro, long distance bus, BRT, tram?etc.. With the strategy of TOD, the?urban space is more cooperated with?the traffic transfer system and multi-functional use of underground space,?and final formed a safe\convenient?system.?

          Location: 常州, China
          Assignment type: Competition
          Design Phases: Existing analysis, urban design, functional planning, traffic planning, ecological planning, detail design.
          Type of project: TOD
          Project duration: 2011
          Area: 1600000 m2