Chengdu in the new period is to build?a national central city as its goal. As?an inland integrated transportation?hub, Chengdu is planning to build?more large external channels, while?encrypting the urban area of the main?rail lines of the public transport network. Innovate the mode of rail transit?construction, popularize the?development mode of "track+property",?and give full play to the role of rail?transit leading urban development.
          The park at the South station of new?Sichuan Tech- Park is the first?comprehensive urban development?project of cooperation between?Singapore and Sichuan province, and?it is also a key project in Tianfu New?District, a national district. In the park,?Line 1 and Line 29 effectively link the?downtown area, while Line 6 runs?through the East and West urban?areas and directly to the western?district of the high-tech zone. The?future Airport Express will be the?easiest way to reach Shuangliu?International Airport.

          Location: Chengdu, China
          Type of project: TOD
          Project duration: 2018
          Area: 1600000 m2