With the promotion of the Greater Bay Area of ??Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the establishment of the Water Town Characteristic Economic Zone, the Water Town New City was identified as the Water Town Comprehensive Service Center. As the intercity interchange hub of the Bay Area, the Dongguan West Station area has become the core of the new city and an important engine for development.

          We propose a planning goal as Bay Area Water Town Smart Core to create a different type from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Port CBD and Songshan Lake Area.

          HUB CITY

          Functionally, the planning area mainly gathers three core functions of “Bay Area Leisure Experience, Water Town Comprehensive Service, and Future Innovation Practice”. The function of commercial commerce and public service is laid out with the hub as the core, and surrounding function groups can be quickly connected through the skywalk to realize the integration of the station and city. Taking the Chijiaokou River and the Jiuqu Ecological Island as the ecological green heart, the function of innovative ecological experience is gathered, and the public service function is arranged along the waterfront. In general, the twin-city pattern of the hub city and the water network slow city is formed.


          Continue the existing water system layout, partially expand the waterfront green space, and build an elastic sponge city from the plot to the block to the community, from the building to the street to the rain garden, with blue and green as the bottom. The landscape water system connects Dongguan West Station with Chijiaokou River to create an open space corridor. The Wanghong Lake Park will become the core node on the corridor, realizing the space linkage with the station, the city, the lake and the river. The slow-moving system is expanded along the water system, connecting residential groups, innovative creative groups and service groups, to create a lively and pleasant waterway.


          We will provide a service system that is oriented towards the future and return to the humanity. We will set up a rich and diverse communication scenario space, based on the characteristics of the crowd and walking distance, with the water system as the principle context, and constructing a 15-minute living circle.

          Introduce smart operation management and build a demonstration area for smart city management in water towns. Development timing is followed as public priority, supporting priority, and ecological priority. Adopt a development model led by the government, market participation, and the whole people.

          Location: Dong Guan, China
          Type of project: TOD
          Project duration: 2019
          Area: 6480000 m2