Guangzhou Bridge Aerial View Night
          Guangzhou Bridge Aerial View Night
          Guangzhou Bridge Aerial View
          Guangzhou Bridge Aerial View
          Guangzhou Bridge Masterplan
          Guangzhou Bridge Park sunset
          Guangzhou Bridge eye level perspective
          Guangzhou Bridge waterfront night view

          Winning prize at international competition

          Guangzhou relies on the water structure of the Pearl River Delta. The bridges in Guangzhou are the most important features for the connectivity through the city. In the beginning of the ’80 Guangzhou was a bike able city, during the ’90 the car became much more important and all infrastructures were made to maximize the comfort of the car traffic. Today many cities are trying to become sustainable and encouraging people to use a bike instead of a car. Only the infrastructure is more car-based than rather bike friendly, including for the Guangzhou Bridge. Because of this reason we want to transform the Guangzhou Bridge into the first bike friendly bridge of Guangzhou. Resembling the shape of Chinese character “龙”, we extend on the east side of the existing bridge a slow traffic connection. This connection gets a separated construction to avoid conflict with the realization of the existing bridge. At the same time this connection gets total freedom from sounds of the car traffic. Our goal is to create a new icon for Guangzhou not only from the visual point of view. With the Guangzhou Bridge we want to support the sustainable future development of the city.

          Location: Guangzhou, China
          Assignment type: Competition
          Type of project: Conceptual Traffic Planning
          Project duration: 2016