Guangzhou nansha waterfront landscape bird view
          Guangzhou nansha waterfront landscape city balcony
          Guangzhou nansha waterfront landscape city farmland
          Guangzhou nansha waterfront landscape dynamic park
          Guangzhou nansha waterfront landscape fisherman's harbor
          Guangzhou nansha waterfront landscape music fountain

          Mingzhu Bay is the core area of the development of Nansha New District and ecological landscape of the water system. Hengli Island is in the 2nd phase of the Mingzhu Bay starting area, which is located in the east of the Ling Xin Road, with an area of about 7.2 km2. The planning of green space and waterfront landscape is about 1,580,000 m2.

          According to the current situation of the site, we find the shape of the island is similar to the Chinese character ? 舟“, which means boat. The concept is abstract but with profound background meaning when applied to the concrete planning work and redesigned space experience. It shows the overlapping of the traditional and the modern lifestyle and brings the people more activities, energy and value.

          The water canals are the lifeline of Hengli Island. We use them as the backbone of the landscape, to keep the life style and show its crisscrossing. By creating many kinds of activities, the diverse riverbank becomes an attractive and energetic place. Our design team has designed an eco-island for eco-tourism. We make a small showcase of Nansha water town in the middle of the island, connecting the water channels, ponds, houses along the riverbank and farmland surrounding the village as the main landscape.

          Location: Guangzhou, China
          Design Phases: Conceptual Design
          Type of project: Waterfront Landscape
          Project duration: 2015
          Program: park, waterfront landscape, playground, eco island, waterfront town
          Area: 1560000 m2