The urban development design for the new eastern area covers a territory of about 35.6 km2 including trade fair and congress centres, cultural buildings, central business district, station area and the administrative centre. A total floor area of approx. 18 million m2 has been designed. The conceptual planning has considered both the surrounding mountainous topography and the mountains inside the district. The new planning reacts to the position of the city on the river and revives the historical canal system. The urban planning is effected by different themes that are incorporated in the new design concept. For example the existing historical old district presents the typical Fuzhou theme of “three courtyards and seven alleys”.

          Location: Fuzhou, China
          Assignment type: Commission
          Design Phases: Schematic Design
          Type of project: City Extension
          Project duration: 2006
          Program: City Extension
          Area: 35600 m2