It is the superior planning goal to create beauty and functionality for the civil planning under consideration of the contemporary ecological and economical aspects. Distinctive identification spaces in high quality should be created. High priority should be given to the hierarchy of spaces, areas, functions, greening and water percentage. Distinctive addresses provide a hometown feeling. Only that can make the living in a world-class green atmosphere for the demanding customers possible. As the second skin of the people, the buildings together with their surroundings are important indicators of the living quality. As a result a greatest concern about the configuration of the environment was shown in the concept. The orthogonal-arranged buildings form like carpets, in which the quarter parks and green lines are embedded in the basic form of spider in the city planning. So a clear legible and superior pattern for the city planning is created.

          The whole settlement is traversed by the plants and water, which guarantees a qualitative living situation with the help of the maximum green exposure in every single plot. The area is subdivided into two large clusters by the landscape axis. The main structure of the master plan is decided by the motive from the city planning, namely the spider. It appears repeatedly as a pattern and creates an united basic image. Therefore the green centers and axis come into being besides the public green that has coated the area.

          Location: Shanghai, China
          Assignment type: Commission
          Design Phases: Schematic Design
          Type of project: Residential Buildings
          Project duration: 2005
          GFA: 288340 m2