Lecong lies in the North West of Shunde and the south of the central cluster of Foshan with convenient traffic connections, information flow and developed commercial trade. It’s also a South China water town with prosperous traditional culture. With the great chance of construction of Foshan and the rail traffic the conceptual planning is aimed to push the development of Lecong forward and optimize the urban functions. With “the creation of a commercial city, upgrading of service functions, reserving of riverside culture and realization of vibrant life” as ideas a differentiated development with the surrounding centers is strived for. With the Shaliang River as “backbone” the four urban development axes are combined with each other, whereby the multi-functional communities based on the three pillar industries are distributed along the riverbank and build up the space structure for urban development. The main idea of urban design is to connect the functional clusters with the public spaces surrounded by greenery and water so as to create an urban image of “one river, two banks” as well as the pleasant riverside living mode of new generation.

          After winning the international competition, OBERMEYER was assigned with design deepening of the core area.

          Location: Shunde, China
          Assignment type: Competition
          Design Phases: Conceptual Design, Design Deepening
          Type of project: Core Area
          Project duration: 2010
          Area: 11880000 m2