OBERMEYER - Xijiang New Town
          OBERMEYER - Xijiang New City Central Water System
          OBERMEYER - Xijiang New City bird eye view
          OBERMEYER - Xijiang New City masterplan

          With this planning a brand new conception with a vivid and brilliant urban space is developed for Yunfu City. It will create an ecological advanced construction demonstrative zone and lead the city to the goal of a “Happy Ecological City” adapted to live and to work. The characteristic urban identity themes like “i-Cloud Smart Industry”, “Floating on the Clouds”, “Flowing Water & Clouds” and “Government on the Foot of Clouds” will be concentrated here. The planning ideas are represented by the development of an i-cloud smart leading industrial chain, construction of dynamic 3T development frame, realization of a highefficient transportation system, providing optimal public service in good quality, realization of natural landscape in combination with the urban landscape, highlighting of the urban deposits and individual scenery.

          Location: Yunfu City, China
          Design Phases: Conceptual Design
          Type of project: City Extension
          Project duration: 2012
          Program: City Extension
          Area: 80000000 m2